Nutrition – Diet

Are you getting all the essential nutrients your body needs? Research has found that many important vitamins and minerals are protective against disease in the amounts that are difficult to obtain through diet alone, no matter how conscientious you are. Due to inconsistent diet, lifestyles, medications, depleted soil and many other reasons there are 4 supplements that everyone needs everyday for optimum health.
1. A raw whole food multivitamin, not a synthetic laboratory made vitamin that the body cant breakdown and use.
2. Probiotics
3. Fish Oil
4. Vitamin D3 – research shows we need 8-10k IU’s per day. The best way to get that is through natural sunlight. But few of us gt that daily so we need to supplement. I take 5k a day in the summer and 10k a day in the winter. Remember, these don’t replace a nutritious diet but are needed to supplement a good diet. Our office carries a very high quality brand of each of these at a great price.