Do you know why so many parents bring their children to the Chiropractor? People ask me that question all the time. Maybe you’ve seen it on the morning news shows, maybe you have friends that have children who talk about it. At Peltier Chiropractic there are lots of advantages to getting children to the Chiropractor.

No it’s not about back or neck pain if that’s what your thinking. Parents bring their children to us with everything from ear infections and colic, from bed wetting to ADHD. In fact, parents tell us all the time since Johnny has been coming to see us he no longer gets colds, or his Asthma is much better. There are so many reasons that you may ask how can Chiropractic help with all these things. It’s actually simple. Chiropractic doesn’t treat any of those things. What we do treat is the most important system in the body, the Nervous System.

When the nervous system works the way it should the body will fix almost everything. Do all children have a problem with their nervous system? Absolutely not. The problem is unless you have their nervous system checked you don’t know if they do or if they don’t. That’s why here at Peltier Chiropractic in Murfreesboro we make sure that you know if there is a problem or not. If you’ve never had your children checked then give us a call at 615-893-1604. Children who’s nervous system is functioning at 100% have an unfair advantage and we want your children to have that same advantage. I’m Dr. Tom Peltier and I look forward to speaking with you.