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Have you ever known someone to suffer from pain, numbness or tingling that travels down their leg, maybe even into their foot? Many people turn to pain relievers. Problem solved. Or is it? Is pain caused by being born with not enough medicine in the body?

Of course not. Medicine may temporarily cover the problem, but it does not fix the cause. Without fixing the cause, the pain most always returns. Since pain down the leg can prevent most daily activities, people often overdo it with pain medication. Dangerous because pain medication can be highly addictive. What is pain that travels down the leg?  It’s a symptom, the body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong.

The name of this symptom is a condition called sciatica, an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica originally begins with stress.  Stress, regardless of type, can cause vertebral subluxation.  Subluxations keep the spine locked in the wrong position while preventing the nervous system from working properly.  Symptoms like sciatica result. Removing subluxations can relieve pain without the use of drugs.

Subluxation?  A subluxation is a condition in which a spinal segment is out of alignment with the adjacent segment. Nerves which branch off of the spinal cord no longer properly work. Sciatica results when a subluxation has occurred among the lumbar or low back vertebrae that surround the sciatic nerve, but if the sciatic nerve is in the low back, why is pain felt in the leg or foot?

Excellent question.  The sciatic nerve begins in the lower back, but does not end there.  It extends down the leg and into the foot.  Cool fact, pain felt in one area, that originates from a problem in another area is called referred pain.  The sciatic nerve is the longest and the widest nerve in the body. The sciatic nerve is busy at work.  It supplies the skin of the leg as well as muscles of the back, thigh, leg and foot.

Sciatica often begins after a subluxation has already been there a while. Ensuring the spine is free of subluxations is important before the pain sneaks up on you.

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