Wellness Care

Have you ever been confused about the benefits and value of Chiropractic treatment?   More often than not when I tell someone I am a Chiropractor they immediately associate me with neck or back pain.  It’s very important to understand that your nervous system controls every function of your body.  When we have a condition called a subluxation, which is a misalignment or dysfunction in the spine, it causes nerve interference that interferes with the expression of intelligence that flows through the nerves.  It can contribute to not only pain that most people perceive as a chiropractic problem but also cause organs not to function at 100%.  

As a Chiropractor I focus not on symptoms but on removing this interference and allowing the body to have a greater expression of overall health and healing.  This applies to people of all ages… from newborns to grandma and grandpa. When your nervous system is functioning strong and healthy your body is going to function strong and healthy.  So many of our patients once they get their spine and nervous system healthy they choose to incorporate Chiropractic into their lifestyle to maintain maximum health, and they bring their families in too!  We call this Wellness Care.  

What I have found is that individuals and families that do this take less drugs, miss less school or work, and are happier and more productive people. Most insurance policies do not pay for this care so we have a special fee that makes wellness care very affordable.  Ask us for details.I’m Dr. Tom Peltier…Live healthy!