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I first met Dr. Tom in the late fall of 2013. My niece, Tammy Fox, who has worked for Dr. Tom here at Peltier Chiropractic for about 5 years, was doing a free health screening at a local retail store and asked me to come by and let her do a quick evaluation of my posture and balance. After the evaluation she told me “you really need to see Dr. Tom”!

Being 56 years old at the time, my body had taken a pretty good beating over the years from being very active my entire life in sports. Although I had put down all the rigorous activities that had taken their toll on my body, I did continue to play billiards, something I learned at an early age. Although I competed at a high level at a younger age, I just couldn’t play like I used to because of the pain in my lower back and hips. Even though it is not a strenuous activity, I still had to deal with the lower back and hip pain. So, after the evaluation with my niece I went to see Dr. Tom. He talked with me concerning the condition of my spine and explained how it had subluxations along with some other issues. He also showed me on the X-rays as to where the problems were and why I had been dealing with pain over the years.

Being stubborn and still not understanding the benefits of Chiropractic (which is the case with most people) I procrastinated for about 6 months before I finally realized that I really needed to give Dr. Tom a try. I started treatment in the early summer of 2014. It didn’t take long for me to realize that you don’t have to live with extreme back pain.

I am once again able to compete at a higher level of billiards without having to deal with unbearable lower back and hip pain.

If you are tired and overwhelmed of dealing with pain, then please give Chiropractic and Dr. Tom an opportunity to help you improve your health….You have nothing to lose…..but the pain!

— Rick


I came to Dr. Tom with problems in my hip and neck. I believe that sitting in one position and the same motion over and over caused my problem. I had changed mail routes and Dr. Tom was on that route. Since being under care the ringing in my ears is much better. My neck pain is almost gone and my hip pain is no longer bothering me. This is definitely the deliverery I needed! Thanks Dr. Tom!

— Albert


My name is Mariah and I am 8 yrs old. For a long time I used to have ear infections all the time and always had fluid in my ears. My parents took me to my family doctor and then the ear doctor. They gave me lots of drugs and were talking about surgery. Finally we tried something completely different—Chiropractic, no drugs, no surgery, just adjustments.

Dr Tom said I had subluxations causing my body not to work right. I stopped taking all the drugs to see if this was really goining to work. Well guess what? It’s been a year now, I had another test and my ear doctor says my ears are great! He said forget about the surgery! Thank you Dr. Tom for keeping me from having surgery.

— Mariah


When I first started seeing Dr. Tom I had extreme lower back pain and sinus headaches. I was barely able to get out of bed. With very limited movement I was not able to pick up my son or even put on my shoes.

On my first visit I couldn’t stand straight, by the end of the week I was walking much better. It didn’t take long before I was standing straight and walking easily again. Now my lower back pain is gone, I have more energy and my sinus headaches are gone….I am now able to enjoy life with my family and friends. I would recommend Dr. Tom and chiropractic to everyone, because you might have problems with your spine and not even know it.

— Kevin


I first came to Dr. Tom in the fall of 2001 in response to a flyer in the paper. I was suffering with nagging shoulder blade and arm pain. I was happy with the results!

I came back in the summer of 2008 with foot problems, hip and back problems, and trouble walking after having a big baby boy pregnancy and delivery!

In 2008, I went to physical therapy during my third trimester and for 8 weeks after. The care was palliative only. The cause was never found. So I decided to come back to Dr. Tom.

Here are the results: I do not have plantar fasciitis anymore! I can walk and move better. My spring and fall allergies are nearly gone and when I am sick now, I can always breathe through my nose. It never gets stopped up. My scoliosis I had since childhood is so much improved. All my children come to Dr. Tom too!

I feel healthy and my neck and numbness in my hands is much better. Dr. Tom keeps me healthy and full of life to be a better Mom and nurse. I can work long hours and take care of my kids better.

Dr. Tom took care of me during my entire pregnancy with my third child and every doctor I talked to almost forbid chiropractic care during pregnancy. How silly! Every pregnant woman should come! It is safe and effective. Easiest delivery ever!!

— Jennifer


I came to see Dr. Tom on March 1, 2012. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had severe neck and back pain for 2 years. The pain would be so severe that I could not lift my arms and had to rest often.

I went to an orthopedist and they gave me a cortisone shot, but that only helped temporarily. The pain came back.

Friends at World Outreach Church recommended I come to Dr. Tom. After just the first week of care, the pain lessened! I can now lift my arms over my head and do daily chores and errands with little to no pain at all.

— Barb